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"These job search ideas and methods are on topics ranging from What Networking Is to Tapping Into the Hidden Job Market, to Effective Résumés and Cover Letters, and are here to assist you in making an informed choice on how to most effectively find your next job, future jobs, and continue building your career."

BC and Canadian Government Job Search Resources

WorkBC on how to organize your job search to "connect to the tools and resources you need to map out a winning strategy for success"
WorkBC is designed for all British Columbians and those who want to work in B.C. No matter who you are, you'll find the WorkBC website packed with practical, down-to-earth information you can use.

Where should you begin looking for work? What approach will work best in today's job market? How can you develop a résumé and cover letter that will get you noticed?

Service Canada / HRSDC Employment Assistance Services

If you are searching for a new full-time or part-time job in the private or public sector, Service Canada can help. There are a number of tools available to help you search job listings, create a résumé, choose a career, and assess your skills. See Service Canada's Finding a Job section of their website.

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Work BC Centres
The Employment Program of BC is now available and will make it easier for people to find work and provide stability for their families through a wide range of integrated employment services and supports. The new program replaces four provincially funded employment programs and six programs funded under the Canada-BC Labour Market Development Agreement with an integrated approach for British Columbians needing services.

The first step in accessing these services is to contact a WorkBC Employment Services Centre near you.


BC Municipal Government Jobs (on Civic Info BC)
Civic Info BC lists jobs with local BC municipalities and enables you to search by employer category, BC region and location.

Employment Opportunities with the Government of British Columbia

BC Government Employment Opportunities - updated daily
All BC Public Service opportunities are now open to both external applicants and current employees.

"The BC Public Service is more than 30,000 people working to make positive differences in the lives of over four million British Columbians. Working in more than 100 diverse job streams, our people work on the toughest problems faced by open democratic societies – caring for the vulnerable, protecting public safety, developing new technologies, responding to emerging markets and diversifying communities. A career in the BC Public Service offers exceptional opportunities to develop solutions to complex problems and to have a meaningful impact on the lives of British Columbians."

Contact the BC Public Service Agency office nearest you:

Burnaby  204 - 4940 Canada Way  V5G 5K6
Tel. 604 660-3900

Vancouver  865 Hornby Street 8th floor  V6Z 2G3
Tel. 604 660-0828

Victoria  810 Blanshard Street  V8W 2H2
Tel. 250 387-0518

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Finding Student Jobs Including Internships and Co-op Job Placements with the Federal Government of Canada / Public Service of Canada

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)
FSWEP is the primary vehicle through which federal government departments and agencies recruit students. This program, established in 1990, provides some 8,000 students a year with temporary jobs in different federal departments and agencies.

The prime objective of FSWEP is to provide full-time students with work experience related to their field of study and to provide them with learning opportunities.

Job Opportunities for Students with the Public Service of Canada - Find out about job opportunities for students within the Public Service of Canada which offers programs for university, college and high school students who want to work for the public service while still in school. Managers know that students who work under these and other programs can become invaluable members of their team.

The Public Service of Canada continues to be the nation's largest single employer of students through its Post-secondary Co-op/ Internship Program.

Working for the Public Service Commission of Canada

The Canadian government's Careers in the federal public service web site operated by the Public Service Commission of Canada is the official site for all external advertised federal public service jobs. Use it to search for jobs in Vancouver, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Langley, New Westminster, Nanaimo, North Vancouver, Victoria and other British Columbia locations, and elsewhere in Canada.

Click on 'How to apply' under the Resources menu for instructions on how to apply to work for the government of Canada.

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More Government of Canada Job Search, Training and Career Development Resources

Government Jobs, Training and Career Links - Service Canada Job Bank, Training, Career and Worker Information. Includes Career Exploration information to help you identify and research your career opportunities plus Training / Learning links.

British Columbia Jobs Announced in the Service Canada Job Bank
Job Search lets you search for jobs collected and posted daily across BC. Job Match allows you to create a job profile to advertise your skills to employers and receive a list of matching job advertisements. Job postings from across Canada are also listed.

Set up a Job Alert to have jobs matching your search criteria e-mailed directly to you as soon as they are posted. Provincial and Federal Government jobs listing.

Other Resources for Job Seekers in British Columbia

BC Teachers' Federation Job Search Links of Special Interest to Teachers
The B.C. Ministry of Education maintains contact information for British Columbia school districts, and the BCTF publishes a list of School Board/Superintendent Addresses which includes telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. The B.C. Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA) web site includes an employment directory with links to district web sites.

Burnaby Public Library Librarians' Selected Job Search and Career Development Links

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BC Organizations Offering Job Search Assistance

The following job search resources for immigrants including Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) in British Columbia are from among the many thousands of employers listed in the JobPro BC Employers Directory. Many also receive government money to help all job seekers.

The Vancouver Public Library (VPL) Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre
Are you a Recent Immigrant looking for work? The Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre is a free service to help you find the information you need to get a job in your field of education and experience.

Location The InfoCentre is located on Level 4 in the Central branch of Vancouver Public Library at 350 West Georgia Street and is open during regular Central library hours. Clients may be asked to book an appointment.

2011/2012 Guide to Aboriginal Organizations & Services in British Columbia  PDF
The Guide is a provincial resource listing of 800 community-based services and organizations referenced in 1100 entries–most of which are Aboriginal controlled and operate on a not-for-profit basis. It is based on the most current information available at the time of printing. See also

Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC
205 - 2929 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4C8
Tel. 604 718-2780
Fax. 604 298-0747

Contact: Lynn Moran, Executive Director

Association of International Medical Doctors of BC

2 - 127 West 20th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2C4
Tel. 604 733-3946

Contact: Patrick Coady, Executive Director

BC Internationally Trained Professionals Network
c/o Surrey Delta Immigrant Services Society
1107 - 7330 137th Street
Surrey, BC V3W 1A3
Tel. 604 729-6598 - direct
Tel . 604 597-0205
Fax. 604 597-4299

The purpose of BCITP Net is to help build associations and networks among internationally trained professionals. We hope to encourage constructive dialogue between immigrant professionals, regulatory bodies, industry and government. See our Employment Services and Resources section for a list of Immigrant Service Agencies in BC

Contact: Patrick Coady, Coordinator

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Burnaby Multicultural Society
6255 Nelson Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5H 4T5
Tel. 604 431-4131
Fax. 604 431-4137

Contact: Roop S. Virk, Executive Director

Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV)
1616 7th Avenue West
Vancouver, BC V6J 1S5
Tel. 604 731-4951
Fax. 604 731-4951

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening people, families and communities. We provide a diverse range of professional support and counselling services to those who are experiencing challenges in their lives.

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Health Match BC
200 - 1333 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 4C6
Tel. 604 736-5920
Fax. 604 736-5963

Health Match BC is an innovative and unique no-fee physician, registered nurse and hospital pharmacist recruitment service funded by the Government of British Columbia. We recruit on behalf of over 100 health care facilities across the province.

Immigrant Services Society of BC

501 - 333 Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6A 2L7
Tel. 604 684-2561
Fax. 604 684-2266

The Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISS) is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides settlement, community, English-language, training and employment services to immigrants, refugees and students in Canada.

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1720 Grant Street, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, BC V5L 2Y7
Tel. 604 254-9626
Fax. 604 254-3932

MOSAIC stands for 'Multilingual Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities'

...a multilingual non-profit organization dedicated to addressing issues that affect immigrants and refugees in the course of their settlement and integration into Canadian society.

MOSAIC's mandate is to support and to empower immigrant and refugee communities, helping them to address critical issues in their neighborhoods and workplace.

Multicultural Helping House Society
4802 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 4H4
Tel. 604 879-3277
Fax. 604 879-3327

We offer settlement Services for Filipino, Bangladeshi, South Asian and other Cultural communities.

North Shore Multicultural Society

207 - 123 East 15th Street
North Vancouver, BC V7L 2P7
Tel. 604 988-2931
Fax. 604 988-2960

The North Shore Multicultural Society (NSMS) is dedicated to building a harmonious and inclusive North Shore community that assists immigrants and refugees to integrate successfully into life in Canada.

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

205 - 2929 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4C8
Tel. 604 298-5888
Fax. 604 298-0747

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S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Tri-City Service Centre
Unit 2058, Henderson Place - 1163 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC V3B 8A9
Tel. 604 468-6000
Fax. 604 464-2083

The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Tri-City Service Centre provides a broad range of programs and services for immigrants coming from more than ninety countries speaking over sixty different languages.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Resource Centre

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Resource Centre office offers an integrated approach in service delivery combining employment counselling with other on-site interventions. With a resourceful employment centre, job seekers are provided with up-to-date resources and access to comprehensive facilities. This employment service approach enables clients to access a myriad of services at one convenient location in a friendly and culturally sensitive environment.

Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of British Columbia

436 - 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5
Tel. 604 669-2830

Surrey Delta Immigrant Services Society
1113 - 7330 137 Street
Surrey, BC V3W 1A3
Tel. 604 597-0205
Fax. 604 597-4299

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Other Job Search / Career Development Resources

CareerOwl Career Articles Archive
This dated but useful job seekers' site offers useful advice on a wide variety of job search topics ranging from cover letters and résumés to handling tricky interview questions and your 'elevator speech.'

CivicInfo BC
CivicInfo BC is an award-winning, co-operative information service for those who work, or have an interest in British Columbia's local government sector.

Futureworks Training Inc.

Links employers to potential funding sources that will offset the costs associated with bringing on new employees in science and technologies industries. Funding is also available to employers hiring for non-technical positions.

Sample Job Interview Questions and Answers

Typical Interview Questions and Answers

50 Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Typical Interview Questions and Answers


T-Net Job Search
T-Net operates the leading 'portal' web site for the high tech industry in BC.

The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing - by Joel Spolsky
This employer's guide to interviewing job seekers offers insight into how some employers view and evaluate job candidates.

Vancouver Public Library's Job Search Guides help you with:

Vancouver Public Library's Career Search Guide "helps you find job market information, including current labour market conditions, economic forecasts for occupational groups, descriptions of industries and occupations, and earnings."

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Effective Cover Letters and Résumés

5 Cover Letter Types That Can Help You Get Interviews
There are five types of cover letters used during the job search process: application letters (serve as an introduction to your resume), prospecting letters (an inquiry about possible vacancies or a request for an informational interview), thank you letters (a follow-up to an interview), acceptance letters (to accept a job offer), or rejection letters (used to thank an employer for a job offer, but to reject it).

Many job seekers concentrate their efforts on developing a resume, but dedicate little time to writing effective letters. While a resume is important, a letter is an opportunity to further market your qualifications.
From the University of Wisconsin.

Arguably the Best & Most Effective Job Search Campaign Ideas
by JobPro BC Employers Directory
Recommended for its advice on targeting employers as part of your proactive job search campaign, this resource also explains how to create powerful résumés and cover letters to make your phone ring.

How To Write a Masterpiece of a Résumé / Write a Résumé that generates results
"Writing a great résumé does not necessarily mean you should follow the rules you hear through the grapevine. It does not have to be one page or follow a specific résumé format. Every résumé is a one-of-a-kind marketing communication. It should be appropriate to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do. Instead of a bunch of rules and tips, we are going to cut to the chase in this brief guide and offer you the most basic principles of writing a highly effective résumé."

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Vancouver Community Network

Vancouver Community Network (VCN)
Vancouver Community Network (VCN) is a non-profit Internet service provider that provides free services to assist individuals, community groups and non-profit organizations in accessing and utilizing the Internet to its fullest ability.

Small Business Resources

BC Contacts British Columbia Business Directory
BC Contacts™ is an easy to use, regularly updated British Columbia, Canada business directory which saves you time and money finding business partners, suppliers, investors, distributors and clients.

Find business contacts in more than 80 business sectors, including Association or Society, Biotechnology, Career Development, Engineering, Financial Services, Geographic Information Systems, Health Care, Hotels, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mining, Non-profit, Online Directory, Publishing, Research, etc.

What makes BC Contacts unique?
BC Contacts frees you from having to contact prospective clients or business partners at random so that you can instead concentrate on those predisposed to doing business with you.

BC Innovation Council
The BC Innovation Council expands innovation by providing a one-stop point of access and support to high technology companies, educational institutions, technology industry awareness groups, federal science and technology agencies and university research labs. "The BC Innovation Council brings together two respected technology organizations: the Innovation and Science Council of BC and the Advanced Systems Institute of BC, which have merged into the BC Innovation Council."

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Proven Business Ideas from the Women's Enterprise Centre
Over the past ten years, over 30,000 women in BC have benefited from the services of Women's Enterprise Centre with skills development, empowered lending and, professional guidance to start, grow and succeed in BC.

As a non-profit organization, our first priority is to help you succeed, not sell our services. Our team of highly trained staff - most with real-life experience as entrepreneurs - can assist you to start, grow and succeed in your business. We serve women province-wide, with offices in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria.

Starting a Small Business in British Columbia: Preparing a Cash Flow Forecast and Preparing a Business Plan from Small Business BC.

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RC4070 Guide for Canadian Small Businesses
Comprehensive document by the Canada Revenue Agency

University-Industry Liaison Office, University of British Columbia (UBC)
UBC's University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO) is a high performance team that guides breakthrough UBC research to market.

UILO's services include facilitating collaborative research, protecting intellectual property, assisting in prototype development, licensing technology, creating spin-off companies, and providing educational programs. They also offer general information, collaborative research and technology transfer/commercialization assistance.

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